About Us

MPTO is a 100% volunteer 501©(3) non-profit organization. We are committed to the support of our children’s educational experience. We know how important it is for children to be able to continue their educational experiences either outside the classroom by attending field trips or by engaging in an in-house program. Through fundraising efforts, the PTO is able to provide 100% of the funding for ALL field trips and programs at both Fuller Meadow and Howe Manning, as well as provide teachers with additional materials not covered in the school’s budget.

View our Events and Field Trips and Programs pages to see all of the fantastic events we have planned for you and our students!

Don’t forget, none of this is possible without your help! Please visit our How Can I Help? page to see the many ways you can donate and volunteer.

Board Members

President: Andrea Lisitano

VP, Curriculum Enrichment (FM) – Grades K, 1, 2

Andrea Lisitano:  alandrea1231@comcast.net

VP, Curriculum Enrichment (HM) – Grades Pre-K, 3,

Maria Tommasi:  tommasifam@yahoo.com

VP, Curriculum Enrichment (HM)- Grades 5&6

Rochelle Cooper:  roroshells@hotmail.com


Lisa Bream:  lbream@gmail.com


Stephanie Renault:  stephrenault15@yahoo.com

VP Fundraising

Melissa Vecchio:  melissaanncarney@comcast.net

VP Publicity

Kris Esposito:  krisespo2010@aol.com

EZ Member Directory:

Jean DeMayo:  jean.demayo@comcast.net

Members at Large:

Amanda Marques:   amarxi83@yahoo.com

Shona Blosser:  shonaguild@yahoo.com

Jenn Bonugli:  jennifer.bonugli@dunkinbrands.com

Lisa Deluties: mailto:ldeluties@hotmail.com

Kathleen Hanley:  kchanley44@yahoo.com

Kara Rullo:  kararullo@yahoo.com

Sonia Wylie:  Sonia.wylie@gmail.com